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It's Media with a Mission.


The Fordham Public Media Masters Program prioritizes real journalism, real communication strategies, and real narratives. Both interdisciplinary tracks, Multi-Platform Journalism and Strategic Communication, have the same goal of using storytelling to promote dialogue, civic engagement, and social justice. 


The Special Master's Project serves as the capstone for the PMMA program. The capstone projects that are presented on this website were created by our PMMA students after two semesters of diving into the methods of storytelling and discussions on public media. Each student chose a topic and completed the projects in the medium of their choosing with the help of a mentor from the program.

The project should align in some way with the broader "media with a mission" ethos of the PMMA. Students are encouraged to build upon ideas and projects that have been explored in courses, internships, and/or outside activity over the course of the full academic year. This allows each student to solidify the skills learned over the course of the Public Media program and apply those skills to an issue of societal importance.

Strategic Communication includes social media marketing, public relations, fundraising, and advocacy for nonprofits, the public sector, and social enterprises.

Multiplatform journalism includes the production and distribution of audio, video, and interactive web content as well as a complete palette of multimedia reporting skills.


PMMA Central Park Picnic

Students from both the Strategic Communication and Journalism tracks gathered to get to know each other better and enjoy to New York summer weather.

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